Drinkman: Vintage Booze Bottle For Your Partying Pleasure

It’s a new year, and there are all kinds of new parties to plan and attend, for most people anyway. I must admit I am not a magnate on the partying scene these days and however boring that might sound, there is always a time for everything, right? This year, since it happens to be the year the Mayan calendar ends, it might be a good idea to party like it was our last year on earth. We all know there will be a million doomsday prophecies this year, so why bother believing any of them? Scare tactics are a way to put people in a box, that’s how it has always been. 2012 is definitely a year that we here at Bit Rebels are really looking forward to.

How are you going to attend a party in 2012 with the highest level of geekdom attached to yourself? Maybe it’s time to accessories a little bit to make sure you really are the coolest kid on the block and not the newest kid on the block. Have a look at the Drinkman, a vintage drinking bottle that is sure to put you on the map in the geek community. It’s a bottle (if you can call it that) that simulates a vintage Walkman.

The Drinkman bottle is made available from Just Mustard and couldn’t possibly be more convenient for a geek and his partying. It costs… well there is no price set yet since it is in production. However, you can be sure that when it is made available in their store, it won’t matter what price is. Geeks are going to swarm over it like bees over honey. Just make sure you don’t get too attached to it though. Drinking is bad for you, and it shouldn’t become an addiction. That way you will fast transform from a geek into a drunk, and that’s not a pleasant transformation. #JustSaying

The Drinkman Geek Party Bottle

The Drinkman Geek Party Bottle

Via: [Chip Chick]