The Mayan Apocalypse Is Here: How Will You Spend Your Last Days?

The end of the Mayan calendar has arrived, and the Mayan apocalypse is here. Finally! How do you plan to spend your last days on this blue ball we inhabit? Are you planning to head off to Tibet in search of high ground, hugging your loved ones tight as the Mayan apocalypse begins to rain down on us, or perhaps spending all your money in one final blaze of partying and frivolous purchases? All while recording it on your smartphone of course… The scary thing is that there are some people out there who may just do this.

This mayhem surrounding the Mayan apocalypse recalls the hysteria surrounding the infamous Y2K bug back in 2000. Every computer was meant to keel over on January 1st, but amazingly, nothing happened. All those doomsayers had to go back to the drawing board and look forward to the next upcoming apocalyptic date; enter the cyclical end of the Mayan calendar.

Someone I know recently pointed out that if the Mayans were clever enough to forecast the end of the world, why couldn’t they forecast their own demise? It’s worth asking. Or, maybe the particular Mayans tasked with creating the calendar couldn’t be bothered with making it any longer so they just picked an arbitrary date to end it? All kidding aside, the Mayans most likely just created a cyclical calendar that resets every five thousand years. And that’s it people. Get over it!

All the doomsayers can now rejoice for the end is nigh… or something. Seriously, what will happen once we pass the end of the Mayan calendar, and we’re still here? Is there another doomsday date we can look forward to? I’m not sure but someone will come up with something. Whether it’s uncovered in an ancient cave or a poorly interpreted reading of Nostradamus’ quatrains, someone will be crazy enough to come up with another doomsday date. So fellow Bit Rebels citizens, I bid you farewell… unless of course nothing happens. In which case, see you all in 2013 and have a fun holiday season!

The Mayan Apocalypse Is Finally Here


Image Credits: [End Of The World 2012] [Herald Sun]