Essential Emergency Equipment You May Not Realize Exists

In 2021, it’s no secret that the fastest-growing type of technology in the past 20 years has been in the electronics and information technology sectors. That is exciting since some of this technology, like smartphones, has dramatically changed the habits of our day-to-day lives.

Nonetheless, advances in communications and entertainment shouldn’t distract anyone from developments in other necessary fields, mainly when those innovations directly contribute to saving lives. After all, when new emergency equipment is put into use, we all benefit.

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Learning About New Emergency Products

Some of the emergency equipment that is getting more well-known today isn’t new at all. Instead, the reality is that everyday people don’t learn about how necessary some devices are until they end up with a first-hand experience with a life-threatening situation. In light of this situation, here is a run-down of a few items of essential emergency equipment that everyone should know.

Evacuation Chairs

While you may not be intimately familiar with this device, there are many situations wherein having an emergency evacuation chair on hand can contribute directly to saving a life. Also known as an escape chair, a stairway evacuation chair is a device that allows one person to provide the safe evacuation of another person with mobility issues, so they quickly and safely descend a flight of stairs.

While evacuation chairs may not currently be a household word, it is easy to see why they should be equipped in any tall building – especially residences where people with accessibility issues reside.


You might not know the name of this device, but you would probably recognize it from depictions in television and film. You may even already understand what it is used for and a little about how it works. Medical professionals use defibrillators to restore a normal heartbeat using electric shock.

They can also restore the beating of a heart if it has suddenly stopped, which is why they are seen so often in a dramatic context in medical dramas. You will likely recognize this type of defibrillator, called an Automated External Defibrillator or AED, by the two pads attached to the patient’s chest.

Because AEDs are portable, they can easily save lives when equipped at schools, senior care homes, and other public locations.

Home Emergency Kits

Home emergency preparedness is something that everyone should practice to ensure the best outcome in an emergency. One way to achieve a higher level of preparedness is to assemble an emergency kit that can be stored in a location that is easy to access.

You can buy a pre-assembled emergency kit to keep in your home. Alternatively, try contacting your local emergency services for advice on the best items to keep in your home or check online for suggestions from an official emergency services website.

Everyone has a responsibility to learn about equipment that can save lives and gain a basic understanding of how it works because anyone could be in a position to need it. If you’re a property owner, consider adding life-saving tools like an evacuation chair to your building.

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