Essential Tools To Bring For The Weekend Beach Getaway

There’s nothing more exciting than heading to the beach, but not until you have to pack. Realizing that even though it’s only a weekend away, there’s a whole lot of items you need to bring along with you, but still tend to forget the necessities. So get your paper and pen out and add these items to your list.

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Beach Accessories

While swimsuits are essential and are pretty difficult to forget, make sure you have everything else you need for the beach. From a beach mat for you and your friends to sit on, to a towel, sunscreen, tanning oil, beach cover-up, sunglasses, flip flops and games to keep you entertained on the beach.

Waterproof Speakers

Whether you plan on chilling on the beach all day, tanning, playing beach volleyball or taking a dip in the water, you’ll need some music to add to the summer vibe. When looking for the best shower speakers, make sure they’re waterproof and have a long battery life to guarantee that they keep you entertained all day long.

You’ll need the speakers to last at least 10-12 hours so that you can have all sorts of music throughout the day. From dance music to summer hits and music you can take a nap to. You can change the whole vibe of the day just by the music you choose.

Leave-In Conditioner

One of the most important things to plan on your beach trip is how to keep your hair tamed. The sun alone can already cause damage to your hair, with saltwater, wind, and humidity, you can find your hair frizzy and looking rather shabby. Using a leave-in conditioner can keep it tame, especially after you get the wavy beach hair.


Catching up on your reading is usually difficult during everyday life. The day becomes so busy, filled with endless distractions that it becomes very challenging to get any reading done. While it is pointless to pack many books, as they take up space and let’s face it, getting through one book will already be difficult.

But, since you’re there to relax and the entire ambiance helps put you in the right mood to get some reading done. Choose a book that is light and will help you enjoy your time at the beach and relax with your reading time.

Cooler Bag

Spending a day at the beach isn’t complete without refreshments. Bringing a cool bag that will keep your beers, sodas, and water cool enough to get you through the heat will ensure that you and your friends have a great time. Especially with the right drinks, cooled to perfection.

Heading to the beach can be a perfect weekend getaway, with the right gear, tools, and items. Make sure you’ve prepared everything so that you don’t feel you’ve missed out on something essential. Pick the necessary things that will help you enjoy the weekend and prepare you to have not just a good time, but a fantastic, relaxing time at the beach.

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