Every Hipster Fashion Style Comes From A Lonely Geek

It should come as no surprise to anyone that fashion has to start somewhere. There are countless examples of things that start to become popular just because they are quirky, weird and people initially start to wear it just to stand out. The hipster fashion trends are the ones that are the most sensitive to these things, and you wouldn’t believe how some of these styles have become popular through the years. If you look at hipsters, you might sometimes start to wonder why they thought about putting that stuff on in the first place. However, before you know it, you will be wearing the same things yourself thinking it’s cool and stylish. It’s quite an odd experience, isn’t it?

Well, it’s not so complicated really, and once you know the cycle of this whole thing, you will look at it from a new perspective. As a matter of fact, you might even start a hipster fashion trend yourself if you are up to it. Consult this Hipster Fashion Cycle infographic, and you will quickly find the answer to why some of the styles out there exist, and why you should bow to them as a geek.

It’s brought to us from Flavorwire, and I am laughing away here nodding my head as I read it. The cycle seems to be spot on, and I can imagine someone sitting there right now with a bucket on his or her head trying to start a trend. Well, it’s not quite that simple. Of course, you need an audience in order to make an impression, right? So, take that bucket of yours and go out into the sunlight, find some people, and start making a fashion statement. You never know, you might start the biggest hipster fashion statement ever. Don’t get too bummed out though if your first attempt doesn’t work, especially with the bucket idea. Keep at it!

Hipster Fashion Cycle Style Infographic