The Hipster Owner’s Manual [Infographic]

So once again I am faced with the task of trying to understand what exactly it means to be a hipster. So far, I haven’t fully gotten the hang of it since it’s woven into so many other things. What is called hipster could also be called geek or nerd. And what is called a fashion statement could also be called hipster. So why is it that it actually has a word of its own? To further try and understand the concept of the hipster “lifestyle,” I have tried to find something that will at least explain to me what kind of gear a hipster really likes and owns. Yeah, I mean the stereotype of a hipster and the image most people have of them. That shouldn’t be too hard to find, right?

Well, it was harder than you would ever know. Eventually I found it through a Flickr page belonging to designer Jonny Campbell (who I featured yesterday in my article called The Anatomy Of An Avatar) in the form of an infographic called The Hipster Owner’s Manual. It outlines the gear that a hipster would own. It’s quite a thorough look into the gadget park of this quite illusive lifestyle. Since it is impossible for us here at Bit Rebels to know how many visitors we have that would actually call themselves hipster, I wanted to ask you if you wouldn’t mind letting us know, and also tell us what you think about this infographic. Does it match up to the lifestyle that is called hipster?

Another thing that I have trouble understanding is how some of these things are actually included in the hipster lifestyle. Sure, they once were hipster gear, but isn’t the concept of being a hipster always about trying to front the new and cool before it becomes new and cool? Take the Shutter Shades for example, they were popular during the ’80s, maybe in the beginning of the ’90s as well, correct? Surely they aren’t exactly a new addition to the fashion lineup. So, when you have finished reading this article you might understand why I find myself continuously confused by this quite soapery word, hipster.

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