Factors To Consider When Shopping For Engagement Rings

Shopping for engagement rings can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. The process can take you out of your comfort zone, as there are many factors to consider. Before finalizing a ring, you should ensure that you are aware of the key information needed, along with the practicalities. Here are a few things to note when engagement ring shopping.

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Partner’s Preference In Jewelry

There are a wide variety of choices for engagement rings. Your partner will probably wear the ring daily, so it is necessary that it fits their taste and style. Ask yourself if your partner would prefer diamond, ruby, sapphire, or another type of stone. Think of the setting of the ring she usually goes for such as modern, vintage, classic, or other styles.

Partner’s Lifestyle

Consider buying a ring that would be comfortable for your partner’s lifestyle. If they have a job that is hands-on, you might want to opt for a ring that does not have elevated diamonds. If their hands are prone to get dirty, a solitaire might be a fit as it’s easier to clean.

Ring Size

When your partner says “yes” and you slip the ring on their finger, the bubble of happiness can burst a little if the ring size is incorrect. You will probably have to take the ring back for resizing. It is important to know how to tell if a ring is too big or small. If your partner wears rings often, borrow one of them to get the correct size. If they do not own any rings, you may have to be a little more careful in your approach.


Having a budget in mind will make beginning the search for an engagement ring easier, as it will narrow down your search. While engagement rings are expensive, you can find rings for every budget. Remember that you can always upgrade the ring later on in life.

Order In Advance

It can take jewelers some time to place the stone and cut of your choice in a ring’s setting unless you’re buying one that’s already been set. Some jewelers only make engagement rings to order. Hence, it is always a good idea to order the ring well in advance (a minimum of six weeks is recommended) to ensure that it is ready by the time you plan on proposing. Consult your jeweler for a more accurate timeline and plan accordingly.

Warranty And Insurance

An engagement ring is a large investment and it’s recommended that you only buy a ring that comes with a warranty and insurance. Since a ring is a small piece of jewelry, losing it is not a far-fetched possibility. Theft or damage can also occur, so factor in the cost of insurance into your budget.

Many people spend a long time searching for the right ring, as it is an integral part of one’s married life. When buying a ring, ensure that you are aware of the different diamond cuts available and check the quality of the stone. If you cannot find the right ring in stores, you can also always go for a custom-made piece.

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