A Fisherman’s Dream Day Out – Deep Sea Fishing In The Arabian Gulf

If you fancy fishing then Dubai is, certainly, the dream destination for you. There is a plenitude of fishing spots in Dubai and the warm waters of the Arabian Gulf are home to a variety of fishes namely fluke, bluefish, flounder, striped bass, blackfish, porgy, barracuda, sherry, small shark, kingfish, cobia etc. Fishing is available all year long in Dubai. In winters, though, you will require wearing clothing that keeps you warm.

In the winters the fishes are at the top, near the water surface, where the temperature is considerably warmer and you can easily get a good catch. In summers, the opposite is true as fishes go deep inside the water in order to avoid the hot temperatures at the water surface. But, what every fisherman’s dream day-out in the city is to indulge in deep sea fishing in Dubai. In the case of deep sea fishing, you travel on an approximately 4-hour boat trip, from the coast of Dubai to the sparkling deep sea of the Arabian Gulf.

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Please note that it doesn’t matter whether you are just beginning to fish or an avid professional, you can enjoy fishing in Dubai under all circumstances. Please note that before you can participate in deep sea fishing trips, you require going through certain rules and regulations. First of all, you require a license in UAE for indulging in hook-line fishing even if you are doing it as a tourist for recreational purposes.

But, you don’t really need to worry too much about that as your fishing tour company will take care of the same. The company will give all the necessary information well beforehand so that you can enjoy fishing in Dubai without any kind of hindrances. Please note that if you wish to hire a personal yacht manned by a professional captain then, for acquiring the fishing license, you need to provide the rental agreement for the yacht, the yacht’s papers as well as photographs before you take the same for deep sea fishing in Dubai.

Also, you need to have the approval from the Dubai Coast Guard in order to begin your fishing trip. According to the directives provided by the Dubai Coast Guard, tourists do need to carry their original passports when going over a deep sea fishing trip in Dubai.

What You Can Enjoy On Your Deep Sea Fishing Trip In Dubai?

Please note that an expert from the fishing tour company goes with you in order to guide and help you in getting a good catch. Fishing, definitely, relaxes your soul as you sit in the warm sunlight waiting for your catch. Complimentary snacks, sodas, and water are, indeed, included on each and every deep sea fishing trip in Dubai. Please check with your fishing tour company for the same.

You don’t require worrying about bringing your own fishing equipment. The tour company itself provides you with professional fishing equipment. The tour company is responsible for providing you with all that is necessary on the deep sea fishing trip in the city. The beauty of these fishing trips in Dubai is that you can select from dawn, morning, or afternoon departure. Different timings deliver you a different experience of the deep sea of the Arabian Gulf. However, please note that if you are really serious into getting a big catch then the perfect time for fishing is just before sunrise and after sunset.

Some of the fishing tour companies also provide you with the experience of cruising along Dubai’s coastline and certain companies also include water sports. However, this won’t come under deep sea fishing tours. So, before selecting a particular fishing tour company, make sure that you go through the facilities they are providing. A majority of the fishing tour companies also provide you the facility of hotel pick-up and drop off, including within the charges levied. A professional driver will pick you up from your hotel and even drop you off at your place after your fishing trip is over.

Final Words

The city of Dubai never fails to charm its visitors through its unique aura and ambiance. If you have seen the city of Dubai only in movies as of now then believe us, the experience of visiting the splendid place, in reality, will, certainly, blow you away. Each and every place and activity in Dubai presents you with moments of your lifetime. A trip to Dubai is not out of those which you might forget with time.

The experience and the charm of visiting Dubai stay with you for your entire life as you crave to visit the city again. So, what are you waiting for? Plan a trip to Dubai, make your itinerary, and fly all the way to a real paradise on earth.

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