First Time Fishing – Here’s What You Need To Bring

Fishing is one of the oldest activities to have been carried out by human beings. Fishing can be done for recreational purposes, sporting activity or food hunting. Traditionally, fishing was a culture passed from one generation to another but over the years; this custom has slowly changed. Just like any other sport or activity, fishing beginners need prior knowledge about fishing and also some practice on this activity.

If you are planning to go on your first fishing trip, collecting the right tools for the job is crucial.

We have compiled for you some items that you must always carry when going to fishing.

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Fishing Rod And Reel

For a beginner, the easiest reel to handle and cast is the spin casting reel. This reel can handle big fish of up to 20 pounds. For the fishing rod, long rods are recommended but it also depends on one’s height. For tall guys, the recommended fishing rod should be about 6 feet and 5 feet long for short guys.

Fishing Hooks

This is used to hook the bait for luring the fish. Smaller hooks are preferred for live baits as they can easily get into the mouth of a fish. The ideal fishing hooks for beginners are the circle hooks as they are easy to remove from the fish.

A Fishing Line

The best type of fishing line is the monofilament. This is because it is highly durable and easier to handle as compared to other lines.

Needle-Nose Pliers

This is a tool used for removing hooks once the fish is caught.


These are either artificial lures or live baits. They are used to attract fish to the hook, easing the fishing process. An artificial lure is preferred to live bait and it is considered as the best fish finder especially for a newbie.


The preferred sinkers are the small crimp on split shot sinkers because they are versatile and also easy to add or remove.


Small bobbers are recommended as one is able to detect strikes easily. The best bobber is the one that just floats the bait and pulls down easily when a fish nibbles.

One may require a fishing license in some states. Also, one may carry a ruler for measuring the size of the fish caught. However, this is not a mandatory fishing tool to worry about.

Over a period of time, fishing has changed in various aspects of techniques and methods; and this can be linked to the expanding technological advancements. Use of technology has made fishing a lot easier and more fun. Some of the key advancement includes; the development of fish finders.

These devices enable fishers to see beneath their boats while fishing and thus create a perfect fishing spot in an efficient and convenient manner. However, despite all these changes, there are some basic fishing tools that will never change and they include the sinkers, baits, bobbers and fishing lines. As a beginner, always remember to carry these tools when you go out for fishing.

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