How To Fix Up Your Home Efficiently Without Using Workarounds

Everyone needs to address home repairs at some point, but if you’re not too handy, you may end up using workarounds that don’t last very long. When you don’t own the home you live in, the owners will probably find out about your workarounds later when they perform a home inspection. Depending on state laws, they might be able to sue you for damages even after you’ve moved out.

Regardless of whether you own or rent your home, it’s always a good idea to perform proper repairs. It might cost you more money to hire a professional to do it, but the job will be done correctly.

Here are some commonly employed workarounds, along with ideas for getting these fixes done professionally.

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Sealing Up Drafty Windows And Doors

Up to half of your home’s air is sucked outside due to old window and door sealants, according to Kefauver Lumber. This presents a significant problem when you want to run your central heat or air conditioning. It’s expensive to replace your windows and doors, so most people opt for sealing up the leaks and cracks with weather stripping and even duct tape, which ruins the paint. However, there is another option and you don’t need to be a professional to do it.

As Kefauver Lumber explains, once you identify the leaks and cracks that are allowing air to escape, you can seal them with caulk. If your home is older, the old caulk is likely already falling away and this is easy to fix. If you’ve got single-paned windows, the glazing putty that holds the glass in the frame might even be damaged. You can fix this with new caulk as well.

Be sure to use 100% silicone caulk, not acrylic. Also, be sure to remove the old caulk and clean the area before you begin.

Some Workarounds Don’t Cause Damage

While using weather stripping is technically a workaround, it’s one workaround that won’t cause long-term damage.

The quickest workaround for sealing drafty windows is taping bubble wrap to the window to trap the cold air. This works much like double-paned glass, and it’s a harmless workaround. The only problem is you can’t see out of your windows, and bubble wrapping too many windows can turn your home into a dark cave. The only problem this presents is using tape to hold the bubble wrap to the window frame might cause the paint to peel when it’s removed.

Fixing Holes In Drywall

Whether that hole in your wall was caused by your teenager, the cat, or a random accident doesn’t matter. What matters is that you fix it professionally, even if you do it yourself.

While you can fill nail holes with toothpaste or caulk, you can’t do that with bigger holes. It’s also not a good idea to stuff a wad of duct tape in the hole, cover it with a piece of paper, and then paint over it. The moment someone puts any pressure on the area, it will cave in again.

You can head to any hardware store to pick up a hole patching kit for small holes, but larger holes require more than a quick patch job. With smaller holes, you’ll need to sand the wall before applying a mesh screen over the hole. Then you’ll apply some plaster and when that dries, you can paint over the area. For larger holes, the process is more complex.

To repair a large hole, you’ll need to obtain another piece of drywall and cut out a section to use as your patch. The section you cut should be square or rectangular, and larger than the hole. You’re going to trace your patch on the wall and cut a hole in the wall the same size as the patch. Here’s a YouTube video that demonstrates the process.

Some people make the mistake of trying to stuff something in the hole before patching it up. However, doing this just increases the risk for mold, mildew, and fire.

Use Workarounds With Caution

Some workarounds are harmless and are okay when you don’t have time to make an immediate repair. However, if you own your home, don’t put off repairs for too long. If you don’t own your home, remember that it’s your landlord’s responsibility to make the repairs and it’s best if you leave it up to them.

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