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Everything you need to know about shipping a car to or from Florida. – Getting your vehicle shipped to or from Florida has never been easier. Whether you need to ship a car, truck or any type of specialty vehicle, you can rest easy knowing that the experts at We Will Transport It are on your side. With almost 3 decades of vehicle shipping experience, we only work with the best and safest drivers on the road.

When you have a car for transport, we have the best services available at the most competitive rates. With vehicle pickups and drop-offs in every part of Florida, we can work with you to create a specialized shipping plan to meet your needs and budget.

Do you need to have your vehicle picked up directly from your home in Florida? Are there any concerns or special requirements for your prized antique automobile? Do you simply need to ship a truck to your workplace in Florida? Whatever the situation you may have or any questions you need answered, we can help! We work not only hard but smart and deliver your vehicle on your terms.

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How It Works

Scheduling a vehicle shipment with We Will Transport It is so easy you’ll be surprised at how seamless everything is. All you need to do is enter your pick up and delivery location on our car shipping calculator tool or provide one of our service reps this information along with your vehicle make and model. You will also need to specify whether you will be shipping on an open or enclosed carrier and pick from the different scheduling dates available.

We are confident you’ll be able to find a shipping rate that works for you. You also have the option to pay a little more and get expedited service on an enclosed carrier. It really comes down to your specific needs and the availability of the car haulers in our vast network of carriers. Our car transport services are low risk and suitable for any type of budget.

Once you have decided on a shipping method, one of our transport experts will coordinate with you on an appropriate pickup date and time that works for your schedule. When you transport a car with We Will Transport It, we will always do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs.

Prepare your vehicle for transport by cleaning it inside and out. Be sure to remove any personal items from the vehicle and that your gas level is around a ¼ tank. Remember, the lighter your vehicle is, the cheaper it will be to ship. On the day of shipment, the driver will go over and thoroughly inspect your vehicle with you. Any existing damage will be noted on the bill of lading and will require you to sign off on this document before the car can be shipped.

You will be able to contact your vehicle transporter at any time during the transport to inquire about arrival times or any other questions you may have. All of our drivers are experienced and have gone through a rigorous vetting process ensuring your vehicle is safe every step of the way.

Your car hauler will be able to come directly to your home or as close as legally possible if there are any obstructions that may prevent the driver from getting directly to your drop off address. If you have any balance remaining that is owed you can pay this directly to the driver at the time of delivery. You will need to be present at the time of delivery to do a final inspection and sign off on the bill of lading. Be sure to inspect for any new damages, as this is the only chance you will have to file a claim against insurance. After you sign off on the bill of lading, you are done and the process is complete.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car To Florida?

The cost of car shipping in Florida will vary based on the particulars of your specific transport. Some of these factors include the total distance of your transport, the make and model of your car and the month in which you are shipping the vehicle. Your scheduling flexibility also can lower the cost of shipping as will choosing an open carrier for transport as opposed to the more costly enclosed transport method.

If you need more information or want to get a quote for auto transport, check out our website at www.wewilltransportit.com or give us a call at 800-677-1196. Whether you need to ship a car from state to state or anywhere in Florida, we can provide you with secure car transport services in a matter of seconds.

How To Transport A Car To Florida?

Finding an auto transport company is easy. Just Google “Florida Car Shipping” and see the available shipping companies. You can also check out our online car shipping calculator to get the most reliable car transport quotes in the industry. You should expect the best from a top Florida car transport company. It doesn’t matter what the weather looks like, with We Will Transport It, car shipping is always a breeze. We take pride in our customer service approach regardless of the time of year giving us our well-earned status among car transport companies in Florida.

Settle for nothing but the best when you are looking for Florida auto transport solutions. Transport your vehicle with We Will Transport It and see why we receive the highest marks in customer satisfaction year after year.

If you are in the market for a car transport company, Florida is full of auto transport companies looking to get your business. With We Will Transport It however, you can get the benefit of shipping with a FL car transport company that can seamlessly balance customer service, efficiency, safety and affordable services. We are one of the most trusted auto transport companies in Florida for a reason. Our approach to Florida car transport always puts the customer first without excuses or exceptions.

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