For Sports Geeks: QWERTY Keyboard Sneakers

Even though I write about shoes often, the truth is, I am barefoot in flip-flops almost all the time when I’m at home, on my computer. I live in the South, and it’s hot here. I only wear socks for a few months out of the year.

On the other hand, holy Batman, if these shoes below were for real, I’d buy a pair right now! I’d wear them every day (ok, maybe not). I just saw these for the first time today, but apparently they have been around for several years now. The fact that they are still circulating the Internet is a testament to their true awesomeness.

These keyboard shoes kind of remind me of the keyboard car I wrote about a while back. For some reason, these shoes look geekier to me than that car. There is just something about having a shift key on your heel that seems so sexy, in an ultimately geeky way. They even won an award in the sports category of the 6th Hong Kong Footwear Design Contest in 2006. I can’t find whom to credit for designing these, but they sure are very nice!

This next pair of keyboard shoes just has the keyboard on the bottom. I suppose these are for making geektastic footprints in the sand. I like these a lot too! They are so original!

[via Book of Joe, Incredible World]