Twitter Socks: Now It Gets Easier For Women To Get Followers!

These socks are an oldie but such a goodie! I think it’s a misconception that women get followers easier than men on Twitter. I mean, there are so many spam accounts featuring luscious women in the most daring avatars, and from what I know, they don’t get more followers than anyone else. However, what they do get is banned. So, if we think about it, the facts tend to steer us towards it being even a more difficult endeavour if you are a woman on Twitter. Many of the women that I follow on Twitter get equal attention compared to that of my male followings. So, it really has nothing to do with their profile picture; however, I am sure some follow women based on that.

For all of you women out there that want to take things to a new level, there is a choice, and it’s a rather awesome choice. It comes in the form of women’s tattoo socks. Why not purchase a set and use them when you go to tweetups and events? If you have ever wanted people to look at your beautiful legs, then this is definitely something that will encourage that.

It’s a company called “Post” that has designed and created a ton of cool socks that they call “Tattoo Socks” for creative women to wear. They are, of course, not entirely dedicated to Twitter. There are all kinds of designs that will ensure more focus on you and your legs than anyone else in the room. They cost around $18 a pair but you have to hurry your butt over there cause they are rapidly selling out! – Tattoo Socks Etsy Store