Formal Fashion: What To Wear To An Outdoor Wedding

If you have been invited to a wedding, you may be preparing to share in the excitement and celebrations with the happy couple. However, when you learn that the wedding will be held outdoors, you may want to make some changes to what you may wear to a traditional wedding.

Should it be hot out, or in a tropical destination, you may want to put a significant amount of thought into your attire. Doing so could allow you to still look smart while doing your best to prevent damage from the sun’s rays and heat.

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Smart Sunglasses

You may find the wedding somewhat unenjoyable if you have to spend the entire time squinting. For some people, there may be different reasons why this happens. Those who require glasses for clarity may still find themselves uncomfortable wearing sunglasses, while those in just their standard glasses may struggle with the sun’s glare.

Wearing prescription sunglasses can be a good way of restoring your eyesight, so you can view the ceremony and other proceedings clearly, without needing to put up with issues caused by harsh sunlight. You may want to choose a smart looking set of frames so that you do not look out of place.

Wear A Hat

Protection from the sun can be incredibly important, especially if you are likely to be in direct sunlight for hours. When shade isn’t an option, you may want to think about how you can create some for yourself as a part of your outfit. Wearing a hat can not only shade your face but also protect your scalp from burning.

Rather than wearing a baseball cap, you may want to consider a fedora or boater style hat. Depending on the color and material you choose for your hat, these can still look incredibly formal, especially if they match your shirt or shoes.

Women may also want to opt for a hat as opposed to a fascinator or hairpiece. When choosing an item, you may want to avoid something overly extravagant, so that those sitting behind you can still see without obstruction.

Choose Colors Wisely

Unless you are part of the wedding party, or the couple has requested otherwise, you may have free rein over your clothing. Opting for lighter colors could be useful when attending an outdoor wedding, as these can reflect the sunlight and leave you feeling cooler than when wearing their darker counterparts.

For men, this could involve a light colored pair of trousers paired with a matching shirt. It may be more complicated for women, who should avoid wearing white so as to not match or upstage the bride. Light, pastel colors may then be a good option.

Attending an outdoor wedding can allow you to make the most of a beautiful day or location, and still spend time with the couple. When doing so, you may want to give extra attention to some of the little details of your outfit to avoid overheating.

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