Proper Gift Giving Etiquette For The Holiday Season

“Tis better to give, than to receive.” This statement is true; however, if you’re being honest, getting gifts is great. With the holidays approaching, you know it’s time to begin thinking about what you’re going to give people in your life.

Regardless of if you want to give them an expensive piece of jewelry or cheerful Christmas gift baskets, there are a few “rules” to follow. While these aren’t “must follow” rules, they will help ensure that your gift is well-received and that you abide by (often unspoken) gift-giving etiquette.

If you want some gift-giving tips that will help you out this holiday season, keep reading.

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Who’s Receiving The Gift?

When you are giving a gift, the most important thing for you to think about is who is going to be receiving it. Since the gift is specifically for that person, you need to cater it to their personality and what they like.

For example, are you giving the gift to a friend, significant other or family member? Do they enjoy the simple things, or prefer bigger, more extravagant gifts? These are important things to remember when selecting the right gift for someone.

Selecting The Right Gift

Most people appreciate a gift that’s personalized. As a result, you need to think carefully about what you buy. Try to think back to a special memory you had with the person receiving the gift.

You could create a photo collage of all the places you have traveled together or purchase a shirt or sweater you saw them admiring. Whatever it may be, try to purchase a gift that really means something.

The Nature Of The Gift

The holiday season encompasses a number of different celebrations. Keep in mind, not everyone celebrates Christmas. As a result, you need to consider the nature of the gift you plan to give.

Cultural sensitivity is absolutely essential when you are giving a gift. Keeping this in mind will help ensure you don’t offend anyone or hurt someone’s feelings unintentionally. If you still aren’t sure what the right gift is to give, then consider flowers or something similar. This is ideal for any holiday celebration.

Handling A Forgotten Gift

This happens to everyone at some point. You get caught up in all the hustle and the bustle of the season and you completely forget to send someone a gift.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to find a way to make up for this unintentional oversight. While you may begin to panic, keep in mind, a late gift is much better than absolutely no gift at all. Just attach an apology letter with your gift, there will be no hard feelings.

Gift Exchange

When someone takes the time to give you a gift, you are likely going to want to give one in return. However, this isn’t always the case. There are some cases where someone may give you something with no expectation to receive something in return.

If someone has given you a holiday gift to show appreciation for your hard work all year, or say thank you for something, there’s no reason for you to feel obligated to give them something in return.

Remember, the holiday season should not be stressful. This is a time to spend with family and friends. Use the tips and information here to ensure you follow these unspoken holiday rules. This will ensure that your gifts are appreciated and that you receive a few great things, too.

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