Global Entrepreneurial Costs & Success Rates [Infographic]

We have a lot of freelance designers, developers, artists, startup professionals and other entrepreneurs that visit Bit Rebels daily. Many creative people enjoy the flexibility of owning their own business so they have the opportunity to indulge in their inspiration whenever it strikes them. Since we are heavily involved in the Twitter community, we have entrepreneur friends all over the world. I haven’t worked in a traditional office for over ten years, and I live in the United States.

It got me thinking about what it takes to start a business and what the success rates are in different countries. Is it true that if a person works hard enough and has a strong passion and lots of motivation that he or she can make a business successful anywhere? How important are the other factors that are involved like geographical location and the local economy?

In my quest for information, I found this infographic below that answers many of these questions.  This was put together recently by Intuit, a very well known small business services company here in the States. According to their research, “inflation and currency exchange play large factors in the cost to startup a new business abroad compared with the United States.” This infographic illustrates the startup costs, the ease of business and the success rates of starting a business broken down by country. I only wish they listed more countries on this. It looks like New Zealand is the place to be for new entrepreneurs. Funny, I’ve been talking about going there for years now.

To view the larger version of this infographic (easier to read), click here.

Startup Business by Country

Startup Business by Country

Startup Business by Country