Glowing Lollipop – Brighten Your Taste Buds

Imagine yourself on your way home from work one late night. It’s dark and you just want to get home for a relaxed evening in front of the ‘puter or the TV. You stumble out of your car and up to your front door, reach into your pocket and whirl around in there in search for your keys. You finally find them and bring them to the keyhole… What! You don’t see crap and struggle hard to be able to find it…

Wouldn’t it then be great if you had a glowing lollipop in your mouth that you could just take out and light up the area like a magic wand from a Harry Potter movie? Well, now you can… At Khymos, a food oriented site, they teach you how to create one from scratch!

How they taste? Well, I stopped reading after I saw it was fluorescent. That crap HAS to be hazardous for something. Haha.

Glowing Lollipop