Your Guide To Sending Luxury Flowers

No matter the taste or choice of the receiver, luxury flowers can please anyone, anytime! As a matter of fact, flowers are the most loved gift which is perfect for every occasion. From birthdays to anniversaries to weddings and whatnot, take a bouquet along, and you will be received with double the love. And with the insane amount of flower assortments, color variety, and luxurious species in the market, you are sure to find something for your taste!

So, in case you came here searching for some exceptional ideas to surprise someone special, go ahead and add a touch of luxe to your bouquet and you are all set! From adding-on a crystal vase to accompanying your luxe flowers with a box of bite-sized chocolates, there are a lot of ways to make your bouquet luxurious. Here’s your mini-guide to sending luxury flowers on the way to your loved ones.

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Making The Perfectly Romantic Gesture With Luxury Flowers

Whether it is the birthday of your better half or you want to make your anniversary a bit special, in any case, a beautiful flower bouquet is all you need to bring that smile to your partner’s face which made you fall in love with them in the first place.

What is the catch, you ask? You don’t have to put a hole in your wallet while coming home with amazing flowers. Roses make the perfect choice when it comes to the expression of love. But you can always blend in the roses with another species of flowers, or ivy tends to make the bouquet lighter on your pocket yet heavy on your loved one’s heart.

Why Buy A Short-lived Flower When You Can Gift Them A Lasting Plant?

In case the love of your life happens to be a plant/flower enthusiast, instead of presenting them with a bouquet, buy them the plant of their favorite luxury flower. Plus, it will not be as short-lived as a bouquet. Orchids and hibiscus make for the perfect gift that would last for years to come, and your partner will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness towards their liking.

Add Embellishment

Go crazy when it comes to personalizing and decorating your luxury flower bouquet. Throw in some personal handwritten notes, add glitters, and ribbons and if you want to go even further, throw in some embellishments as well. Even the simplest of the bouquets can be spruced up with the right decorations.

Make sure to decorate the bouquet according to the taste of the person you are presenting it to. You can even accent the luxury flowers with gems, which would make an excellent centerpiece for any occasion.

The List Of Luxury Flowers

Now let’s talk about the actual luxury flowers. Among the expensive luxury flowers are the Lisianthus, a purple-tinged species that blossom once a year. The smallest bunch of this flower can cost you around $20; some other luxury flower species include Lily of the Valley, Gloriosa, Saffron Crocus, and many more.

The most expensive among the luxury flowers is the Gold of Kinabalu Orchid. Its bouquets can cost you as high as $3,000. The exquisiteness and rarity of this flower species alongside its beauty are what make it a luxury. They are only found in the Kinabalu National Park of Malaysia. Adding these luxury flowers to your bouquets would be the ultimate idea of presenting your loved one with luxury flowers, but it can cost you an arm and a leg nonetheless.

Making Your Simple Bouquet Look Luxurious

If you want to make your special one or a friend feel luxurious with a floral display but don’t have the budget to buy actual luxury flowers, you can still make it through. Here are a few tips to turn your simple bouquet around into looking like a luxurious one:

  • Don’t go for various flowers to make the bouquet, stick to one specie, preferably in a hotter hue.
  • Create a win-win by sending your low-cost flowers along with a crystal vase. The vase will surely spice up your bouquet and take away the limelight from your mediocre flowers.

Bottom Line

You have a number of ways to create luxury flower displays and send them on the way to your loved ones. Whether you don’t have money issues or are on a budget, our guide will help you send the most luxurious bouquets to your special someone and make them feel even more special.

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