How Is CBD Oil Made?

During the past few years, public perception of cannabis has significantly improved because of the widespread use of medical marijuana and hemp-derived CBD oil. As a result, CBD oil has become very popular within a short period of time. Now, with CBD oil being a popular treatment option for pain, anxiety, and sleep issues, many people wonder how this unique substance is made.

It’s important to understand that both hemp and marijuana are both varieties of the cannabis plant. The differences are the THC level and the resulting legality. Hemp must contain a low THC level, not above 0.3 percent and is legal nationwide. Marijuana, for medical or recreational use, can have THC levels above 20 percent, and are legal in at least 33 states but not yet under federal law.

When people talk about CBD oil, they are mostly referring to hemp-derived CBD oil, although CBD oil can be made from marijuana and sold in dispensaries in states where that is legal. When people buy CBD oil online, which is a very popular option, that CBD oil is almost always made from hemp, and that makes it legal to ship across state lines using the US Postal Service.

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CBD Oil Extraction Methods

One of the most important factors that plays a role in the development of CBD oil is the extraction method. One of the most popular extraction methods involves carbon dioxide, which has unique chemical properties that allow it to function readily as a solid, liquid, and gas.

This kind of extraction uses a solid piece of carbon dioxide that is pumped into a second chamber that holds the cannabis itself. The chamber is then pressurized, which turns the CO2 into a supercritical liquid. This liquid CO2 acts as a solvent and separates the CBD extract from the plant matter. Then, the pressure is released, which turns the CO2 back into a gas, which then dissipates, leaving a clean solvent-free CBD extract.

Another form of extraction uses ethanol to gently extract the CBD oil from the plant matter. Then, the ethanol is evaporated away using a rotary evaporator. This leaves only the CBD extract. Many producers of USDA organic CBD oil employ this method by using organic sugarcane ethanol as the solvent.

Good CBD companies will also third-party lab test their CBD extracts to ensure the product is free of any contaminants, including residual solvents. That’s because in addition to CO2 and organic ethanol, other CBD companies might use more dangerous solvents like hexane or propane. Only a third-party lab test will ensure that these sorts of dangerous solvents are not present in the final product. Companies that don’t offer third-party lab reports, or COA’s, should be avoided.

The Distillation Process

Some high-quality CBD oils also undergo a process called distillation. Unlike other kinds of distillation, this process does not involve alcohol content. In fact, the distillation process is used to remove the plant matter from the extract to improve the extract’s purity. The result is a gooey resin that is honey-gold in color.

Even though this process is mostly seen as an additional step, distillation can produce CBD oil that is incredibly pure, leading to a high-quality product. A distilled CBD oil will taste smoother than oil made from whole hemp CBD extract. Some distilled CBD oils are full-spectrum, while others are considered “broad spectrum,” or THC-free.

Rely On Pure CBD Oil

There is a tremendous number of people who depend on CBD oil to help them sleep, manage their anxiety, and fight chronic pain. Those who are considering taking CBD oil for the first time need to ensure they understand how this product is made.

That way, people can make an educated decision and pick the right CBD oil product that meets their needs. Taking the time to choose the right CBD oil can go a long way is extremely important, especially since no one wants to buy a product from a disreputable or bad CBD company. With a little research, you can learn to tell a good CBD product from a bad one.

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