How Do Cloth Masks And FFP2 Masks Compare?

The omicron variant may have subsided a bit but we all know that it is just a matter of time before we are treated to another more deadly strain of covid-19. This has heightened the need to wear high-quality masks that offer maximum protection. At the start of the pandemic, there was a worldwide appeal to wear masks of any sort, including cloth masks. But as Dr Leana Wen, a CNN medical analyst says, fabric masks are no more than decorations for our face. According to her, the masks have no place in fighting the fast-spreading COVID-19.

She is among the scientists who have been advocating for the adoption of superior quality masks like ffp2 maske Schwarz and N95 masks to combat the spread of the coronavirus. These masks comprise non-woven fabric that enables them to keep out the smallest particles including viral components. So, how do ffp2 masks and cloth masks compare? Continue reading to find our analysis of these two masks and why schwarze ffp2 maske is the real deal.

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Which Mask Guarantees Protection

Scientists, including Dr Wen, say that three-ply masks are the least we should wear. The masks are commonly referred to as disposable face coverings and are easily found in several pharmacies and grocery stores. To make them more efficient, experts recommend wearing a cloth mask in addition to a three-ply mask.

If you suspect you will be out in a crowded place, the least you can do is put on a high-quality face-covering like schwarze ffp2 maske. And, unlike at the start of the pandemic, these masks are easily available in pharmacies and most shops and are more affordable than they were a year ago.

Today, a pack of 50 masks is available at a reasonably affordable fee. The masks feature high-quality materials to give you the best protection. They also fit better, meaning the chances of air sneaking into your nose are much less. As a result, these masks are highly effective at keeping aerosols and particles out of your body.

Agents Of Change

When COVID-19 first broke out, medical experts and doctors unanimously discouraged the members of the public from buying N95 and FFP2 masks. At that time, there was a biting shortage of these masks in the world and authorities wanted the few available ones to be reserved for frontline workers like doctors and nurses. But this shortage has since been fixed and anyone can buy these masks and ensure better protection.

This notwithstanding, the CDC recently issued a communiqué outlining the guidelines for picking, cleaning, wearing, and storing masks. According to the guidelines, it is best to avoid respiratory masks but instead opt for masks with 2 or 3 washable and breathable layers. But this is something Dr Wen believes the CDC erred on.

According to her, people need to be asked to wear the most effective masks. Germany and Austria have led the world in advising their citizens to wear a minimum of medical-grade masks while in the public.

With more information being discovered about COVID-19 and how it spreads, the relevant bodies have been forced to adjust their recommendations. Today, doctors know better than anyone that coronavirus isn’t a hybrid infection like influenza that people transmit through droplets or inhaling. They now know that a person can get it when they touch contaminated surfaces. Doctors today know that the main driver for coronavirus infection is shared air.

Comparing Cloth Masks And FFP2 Masks

The acute shortage of high-quality masks in 2020 when the world was first hit with covid-19 led the medical experts and heads of governments to encourage the members of the public to use cloth masks. But it has soon been discovered that these fabric masks filter larger droplets. But high-quality masks like ffp2 maske schwarz have a significantly high filtering efficiency. They filter both large and smaller aerosols or particles that could be providing habitat for viruses.

Another disadvantage of a cloth mask is that its inward and outward leakage is significantly high. Inward leakage is defined as the percentage of impurities that get to the facepiece. On the other hand, outward leakage is defined as the number of particles that leave the facepiece after being breathed out by the source.

Fit is one property of ffp2 maske schwarz that you cannot ignore. A well-fitting ffp2 mask will filter up to 95% of aerosols and droplets in the air, giving you significantly better protection. N95 masks, which are the American equivalent of ffp2 masks, have been Okayed by NIOSH or the National Institute of Occupation Safety and Health.

The worst quality mask when it comes to filtering efficiency is surgical masks as they only have a filtering efficiency of 37%.

Can FFP2 Masks Protect Against The Fast-Spreading Omicron Virus?

The exact reason for the high transmission rate of the Omicron strain may not be known yet, but if there is anything it teaches us, it is that we need to be strict with wearing masks.

Masks serve two key roles as far as protection is concerned. Firstly, it protects you, the wearer, from being exposed to contaminated air. This means that if you are around infected people, you don’t need to worry if you wear a mask. Masks can also reduce the volume of air that you breathe in.

For example, if 1000 particles are required to infect you and you wear a mask that filters 50% of the impurities, it will now take twice the time to reach 1000. And if you wear a higher quality mask, like ffp2 maske schwarz that has over 90% filtration efficiency, it will take almost ten times long before you get infected when you are in the company of an infected person.


Wearing a mask can be the difference between contracting Covid-19 or not. It also protects those that are around us that may not be half as privileged as we are. But the mask type you wear is also incredibly important. While a cloth mask is better than no masking at all, if you can afford and access it, a high-quality type like schwarze ffp2 maske should always be the preferred option.

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