Here’s How Your Fireplace Can Be Maintained Throughout The Year

There is so much one could do to decorate their tiny home. People scrounge Pinterest and whatnot over social media to get the perfect idea that helps in making their home a bit cozier than usual. Having a wood fireplace can be that one accessory to your home that you can viably consider. It makes the place warmer and aesthetically appealing.

Maintaining a fireplace might seem challenging, but it actually isn’t. Here are a few ways in which you can manage your fireplace without much hassle throughout the year. However, before jumping onto that, you need to know to pick a quality fireplace as well. The piece should match the style and interiors of your home.

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Keep Good Care Of The Interiors

Just like the routine you follow to make your home prim and proper, make sure you follow the same when it comes to your fireplace. Open fireplaces, when used regularly, can accommodate a lot of debris, dust, and especially creosote inside over time. Thus, opting for a closed fireplace is also a compelling choice when you want to keep such issues at bay.

Nonetheless, you have to be regular with the cleaning, taking care of interiors at the same time. Many people worry about breathing in dust particles while cleaning the fireplace. However, this is an unnecessary concern. Cleaning a fireplace is completely safe. As long as the fire is put out before, of course!

The “Right Wood”

Just like food quality depends upon the oil you choose, similarly, the wood you pick matters when it comes to employing a fireplace. Therefore, it is vital which one you select for your fireplace while out shopping wood. The rule is not to choose the wood that produces a lot of smoke.

Thus, it is advised that you select from these — oak, ash, or birch because they don’t create much smoke while giving out the same amount of heat as compared to others.

Mind The Chimney

The chimney is essential to the whole fireplace. Keeping that in mind, you must maintain it. Irrespective of the type of vent, you must check them in case there is any malfunction.

Similarly, look for cracks or dents that need to be fixed so that the fireplace works seamlessly.

Professional Cleaning

Even after following all the “self-care” methods, it is advised that you go for professional cleaning as well as maintenance of your fireplace. The annual inspection is the least you should go for because that will help you in two ways.

  1. A professional can detect any underlying issues that you can’t.
  2. You get to learn as well while they inspect the fireplace.

But with closed fireplaces, you don’t have to follow such a hectic routine because they are immune to any dust content. So, that means no debris or dust is clogging it. All that’s needed is handpicking the wood carefully. It is a win-win situation and will keep your fireplace’s performance retained over the years. Make sure you remain proactive about numerous best practices when it comes to amping up the performance of your beautiful fireplace.

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