How To Keep Your Car Clean Daily?

All vehicles get dirty, but a deep wash does not have to be frequent. Use our tips to minimize the dirt and mess. Here is how to keep your car clean longer — both inside and outside.

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1.  Choose Steam Cleaning

This is the safest and the most sustainable way to wash your car. The car detailing steam cleaner uses only water, and it can clean any surfaces. No chemicals and no need to drive anywhere! Just one gallon is enough for an entire car.

2.  Get A Trash Can

Inside, have a designated place for trash, so it does not spread haphazardly. Use a travel trash container or even a plastic bag. Just keep it in one place and remember to take it out when it is full.

3.  Use Liners For Cup Holders

Cup holders tend to get sticky, so they can leave stains. Prevent spills and drips from cups by adding a special liner. You can even take a silicone cupcake liner for this purpose — just clean it regularly.

4.  Buy An Air Freshener

These days, fresheners do not have to be attached to your rearview mirror. Many producers create products that are put on the vents. The air that comes out always smells fresh!

5.  Have A Supply Of Wet Wipes

Keep a package of wipes (wet or Clorox) in case you spill something or create a mess anyway. This is an easy way to clean quickly. You need something better than fast food napkins!

6.  Take Care Of Your Shoes

Before climbing into the car, pay attention to your footwear. Knock your shoes clean to get rid of any dirt, mud, or snow. If you keep the mess outside, there will be less cleaning to do.

7.  Use Organizers

You can find organizers for the back of the front seats. Buy one or make it yourself from a shoe organizer. There, you can keep travel games and activities. Kids will not kick the back of your seat anymore! In the front, use compartmentalized dividers for the center console.

8.  Keep Loose Change In One Place

Car owners always have some change on the floor or stuck between the seats. If your vehicle does not have a special organizer, use any sealable container. Finding quarters for a car wash will be a lot easier.

9.  Take Something Out Daily

Do not let your things pile up in the back. Every time you get home, grab something with you. Otherwise, you will end up with a mountain of belongings to carry in. Take any items you brought with you that day and remember to check under the seats as well.

Final Words

These tips will help you keep your vehicle clean on the inside and outside. When messes happen, clean them up immediately. The longer you wait to do it — the harder it will be.

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