How Mobile Shopping Is Changing The World [Infographic]

It’s pretty hard to imagine that just a few years ago we didn’t really consider mobile shopping to be a big deal.  Almost no one did it, and if you did, you were always a little bit skeptical about it all.  If it wasn’t the payment method you were worried about, it was the connectivity and the speed by which we could get a website or data delivered to our devices.  However, in time, that has changed and changed quite a lot too I might add.  What we before thought to be a utopia is now a very real fact.  People are shopping online and on their mobile devices like never before.  The statistics speak their own language for sure.  But do you really know what has changed?  And, can you, as a retailer, really afford not to be present on the web at all?

Momads is a mobile agency that services Belgium and the UK area.  They create and produce ideas for mobile apps, ads and websites.  They have collected and compiled the data they found into a really interesting infographic that might do you good if you get into it a bit.

The ironstrong hold that the mobile browsing and shopping trends have on us is only going to increase, so finding a way for your business to get onto the web is probably the biggest and most important decision you can make in 2011.  Just make sure you’re doing it with the right products, and you’ll always have consumers coming to you.  It’s time to think completely mobile cause that’s where we’re heading it seems.

Mobile Servicing And Shopping Infographic