How Social Media Is Ruining Our Minds [Infographic]

Before I get into the specifics about this information, I want to ask you a question. Do you ever feel your brain hurt or strain when you are working during the day while keeping up with your social media sites at the same time? For over two years I’ve tweeted like a true twitterholic while working at the same time. I never had a problem with it before, but lately, it actually hurts my brain. I have to close out of Tweetdeck for hours at a time just to stay sane.

According to this infographic entitled How Social Media Is Ruining Our Minds, studies show that social media has a profound effect on the human mind. I think that may be a little dramatic; however, I definitely think there is a difference between the way our brains operate whether we are on or off our social media sites. At first it’s like a rush, and it’s addicting like a drug. Then, after a while, it physically hurts. I know that sounds strange, but I’m describing what I’ve personally experienced. I wonder if anyone else has gone through that. Of course, it doesn’t make me love Twitter any less, I just have to manage it more effectively, that’s all. :)

Although the facts in this infographic are fun to read, keep in mind, they should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, each person’s social media experience is different. If you’d like to read more on this topic, you can check out How Google Affects Our Memory and Multitasking: This Is Your Brian On Social Media.

Twitter Facebook Google Infographic

Via: [Assisted Living Today]