How To Stand Out When You’re Selling Property

Real estate agents are constantly battling each other for each buyer. In order to stand out from the competition, mark yourself as a true expert worth your weight in salt, and ensure the trust (and referrals) of too many customers to name… you’re going to have to rethink how you approach the game. If you have a few minutes, I’d like to go over a couple ways for you to stand out in the property-selling game.

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Identify Your Buyers

Who’s your target market? Which kind of buyers are you looking for? Are you hoping for buyers who are lower, middle or upper class? Ask yourself these specific questions about your ideal demographic:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Income level
  • Education level
  • Marital or family status
  • Occupation
  • Ethnic background

Once you have a detailed “skeleton” of your ideal client, it’s time to write a hard-hitting, irresistible advertisement targeting people within this skeleton.

Advertise Properly

No matter which vehicle/media/format you decide to spread the words about your services… none of it will mean squat if you don’t know the first thing about teasing people to crave what you have to offer!

Now, we’re talking about hard-hitting copy via direct mail marketing. The kind of copywriting that made the late, great and legendary Gary Halbert hundreds of millions of dollars (using just copy, he made $20,000 a day.) Guru Gary has this wisdom to share:

[A good ad] will cause a “river-of-need” to be diverted onto your property.  You will never fully understand that river until you become intimate with it. That’s why you have to take the calls yourself. So, when you listen to the callers, you can hear how much, how very much, they want this kind of work. You will be able to feel their need, to identify with it. To understand it… for real.

How then do we write ads that create rivers of need? Advertising 101 is a non-ending flurry of gurus, “gooroos”, fakes, masterminds, wannabes and basified legends who all know how to make a kazillion dollars from advertising.

Gary, in his ever-lasting wisdom, gave hungry students a basic education in these valid advertising principles:

  • “Scientific Advertising” by Claude Hopkins
  • “Tested Advertising Methods” by John Caples
  • “The Boron Letters” by Gary Halbert

I’ve read the following books (dog-eared pages, passages highlighted up the wazoo and scribbled out bogus that didn’t work for me). However, those books are “dated” by today’s standards (but by no means less effective) – and I have to include more copywriting/marketing materials you will probably enjoy as you watch your craftsmanship skills flourish beyond your competitors.

(So much so that they, I bet, will try to make deals with you just to get a taste of your commission.)

Here are those extra, beneficial materials:

  • “Ca$hvertising” by Drew Eric Whitman
  • “How To Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie
  • “Entrepreneur’s Guide To Getting Your Shit Together” by John Carlton

(Having independent realtor signs doesn’t hurt, either.) Worse comes to worse, you can always make your agent pay for a creative professional video to show on YouTube. But this tactic runs under the assumption that the professional video-makers have dedicated studies and specific results about what it is your market needs.

Selling Property – Conclusion

The work you put into your advertising pays off in spades: the more interesting your ads, the more qualified (and exciting) you seem to potential clients and buyers. People don’t want realtors who are in it for the game: they want realtors they can trust – someone whose handshake means more than a business deal.

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