How To Build Muscle Effectively As A Hard Gainer

“It’s just genetics” is a phrase used way too often by people who work out without seeing the results they’re looking for. And, although this statement holds a tiny twist of truth, 90% of why these same people aren’t achieving the results they are looking for boils down to the most basic fundamentals of health and fitness. Today, we will cover how any hard gainers or ectomorphs with an interest of growing muscle can give their daily routines a tiny nudge in order to exponentially improve results and gain muscle in the most effective way.

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Build Muscle By Eating More

First and foremost, it’s fundamental to remember muscle growth can only occur if muscle protein synthesis exceeds muscle protein breakdown. This means that the muscle fibres you spend breaking down during training can only increase if the meals consumed in this period have a caloric surplus which requires you to consume more calories than your body needs.

A big misconception when it comes to effective muscle growth is that you only need to increase the amount of protein you eat throughout the day. Although it’s true you should ensure your diet consists of protein, it’s the amount of calories that you consume that’s far more important. That’s why eating an increased amount of sweet potatoes, brown rice or chicken will be a determining factor in your journey to effectively gaining muscle as a hard gainer.

Getting Proper Sleep

The fact that we need an appropriate amount of sleep in order to attain optimal performance for any area of our life would be a known fact to most of us. But how much does it really influence our muscle growth and what is an appropriate amount of sleep to enable effective muscle growth? Firstly, we need to sleep to allow the building blocks of our body to function properly.

Glucose is one type of sugar stored by the body and converted into energy. Whilst we sleep blood glucose is stored in our muscles. This process is called muscle glycogen. Our bodies store blood glucose in other places such as the liver and blood, however, muscles are always the preferred place for glucose storage because they allow more energy to be released than glucose that has been stored within the blood.

Another compound that will have a significant impact on your muscle growth and recovery is the human growth hormone (HGH). In order to make use of your protein intake, you need amino acids that are present in the HGH. As our bloodstream has increased levels of HGH during sleep, aiming to have at least eight hours of sleep should be on any hard gainer’s list of priorities. To further support muscle growth during sleep, consume a healthy and nutritious meal full of carbohydrates and proteins to increase protein synthesis supported by your growth hormones.

Sticking To The Best Exercises And Doing Them Properly

When it comes to growing muscle, you don’t need 101 different exercises. You want to stick to a handful for each muscle group and focus on executing them properly. The number of repetitions and sets are also crucial for you to reach the goals you have set out for yourself. You can stimulate muscle growth with very few exercises as long as they are done with heavy weight and that they activate as many muscle fibers as possible, a key principle in Hardgainer Bodybuilding.

To maximize the benefits of your chosen exercises, aim to perform them in a slow and controlled manner. Perform the full range of motion for each exercise and increase the repetitions and sets as you increase your strength. To ensure you are getting the most out of your training, an elite online personal trainer from Caliber Fitness can help you to gain muscle mass in the most effective and time-productive way. Offering professional advice and personalized guidance, Caliber Fitness personal trainers can help you to see the results you want and reach your ideal body.

If you are a hard gainer, our aforementioned tips can help guide you to effective muscle growth. Remember to fuel yourself with the right food and the correct amount. Meal preparation can assist in ensuring your diet is meeting your bodies requirements. Remaining balanced in your routine and starting off slowly by training three to four times a week will ensure you can maintain your training and sustainably grow muscle.

Retaining good form, practicing the right amount of repetitions and sets as well as listening to your body are all fundamental. And of course, enjoy what you’re doing. You’ll never be able to stick to these routines that you are curating for yourself if you don’t have fun whilst practicing them. Remember, consistency is a successful athlete’s absolute best friend.

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