How To Dance: An Emergency Guide For Men!

Dancing is an art form or means of self expression. Some people do it for a living, and other people have just taken a few dance lessons in the past. My mom is a great dancer, she has over 100 trophies. However, when my dad was still with us, he could only dance to the slow songs.

I wish I was a good dancer, but unfortunately I am not. I remember attending a street dancing class at Gold’s Gym once, and all I did was laugh because I could not follow the steps and my rhythm was way off. I still made an effort to learn the basics.

There are so many occasions where we have the opportunity to dance in one way or another. Imagine you get invited to a wedding or get invited on a date and that person loves to dance, what would you do if you don’t know how to do it? There are a lot of dance classes available, but who has the time to go to them? Everyone is so busy just trying to fit work and family life into their schedule. I found a video that is hilarious, but even so, we can find ourselves in this situation where we are trying to dance yet we look foolish.

The video illustrates the step-by-step guide for how to do the basic dance moves. This is great to use for those times when we need to learn them quickly. It says it’s an emergency guide for men, but I think would be helpful for women too. The steps are simple enough to follow, and it also illustrates which mindset we need to get into before even starting our shaking and moving. These dos and don’ts can also be quite helpful. Check it out for yourself, and see if you can start strutting after the video.

Party Etiquette:
Dance Moves: An Emergency Guide For Men