How To: Motivate Your Employees!

For those of us who are employed, we know there are things that motivate us to work and really give our best to the company we work for. I am just lucky I guess that I love my work. I also love the things my company has given me in terms of training and benefits which go along with working there for almost 3 years now.

For our readers who are employers, or who are considering starting their own business, there are some things you need to consider in order to achieve a good volume of work and productivity from your employees. Maybe you think that the employees you currently have are a problem, or hard headed. Maybe you should consider that they just need a nudge or need to be motivated.

I found a video that I hope can help you. This video discusses some valuable steps that can truly help you motivate your employees:

Step 1: Motivate YOU first

Step 2: Get to know your employees

Step 3: Use smarter goals

Step 4: Delegate authority

Step 5: Work out a reward system

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How To Motivate Your Employees