How To Become A Seasoned Winter Driver

For many, winter is their least favorite season. When you consider how difficult and hazardous driving is, during this time of year, it’s not hard to understand why. However, we all need to get to work, so there’s no avoiding the roads during the coldest months of the year.

In this blog, we’ll share some tips that will help you become a seasoned winter driver.

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1. Get Winter Tires

Of all the tips in this article, this one is mandatory. Despite the marketing around ‘all-seasons’, these tires lack the gripping power required to make safe emergency stops.

Every year after the first snow, countless cars skid helplessly into intersections, putting cross-traffic in peril. Don’t be among the ones that t-bones an innocent motorist – make an appointment with your mechanic to put on proper winter tires.

These tires are made from a specially formulated rubber that bonds to ice and snow, allowing you to make sudden stops on these surfaces. After having to drive through your first snow squall, you’ll be glad you did.

Don’t have winter tires in your jurisdiction? Get studded tires or chains. The latter is the least desirable option of the two, as using them involves physically getting out of the car and putting them on each of your wheels.

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2. Drive Slower On Snow/Ice Covered Roads

We’ve all got places to go, but at the risk of stating the obvious, icy, snowy roads are not the same as bare pavement. Yet, there are countless people who exceed the speed limit just as they do in summer – uncoincidentally, these are usually the same people who end up in the ditch further up the road.

At the start of winter, drive slower than the pace you are accustomed to – this will give you the chance to get a feel for driving on snow and ice again, making it more likely you’ll get out of this season without getting into a fender bender.

3. Put Together An Emergency Kit

Despite your best efforts, you may end up sliding off the road. Or, your transmission might decide to quit in the middle of nowhere when its 20 below outside. In these situations, having a properly provisioned emergency kit can literally make the difference between life and death.

Pack it with things like chocolates, a reflective blanket, candles, waterproof matches, and in a nod to the 21st century, a pre-charged power bank for your smartphone. These items will keep you warm and in good spirits while you wait for a tow truck to come to get you.

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