Human Powered Ferris Wheel For Thrill Seekers [Video]

When it comes to having a good time, many people prefer going to an amusement park. There are of course other forms of entertainment, but when it comes to making a day out of it, going to one of these “fun factories” is the only choice for most thrill seekers. One thing most people are used to are the rides powered by electricity. However, there are some places in the world where even things like a Ferris wheel are powered by humans.

It’s certainly a crazy thought, and one that could potentially be hazardous – not only for the people riding on the Ferris wheel, but also for the people who are powering it. As weird and unlikely as this sounds, there is actually more than one Ferris wheel powered by humans. If you have a look at this video, you may be surprised to see the craziness and skills some people have developed when trying to make this ride go faster.

It looks like this particular human powered Ferris wheel is located somewhere in India. I can’t be sure, but it certainly looks like it. The men who are powering this ride have developed some insane skills when it comes to making it go faster, that’s for damn sure. The longer the video progresses, the crazier they get. At one point, you will be taken aback by the sheer daredevil tactics they use to make it go faster.

If you have ever wanted to have a dangerous job then this is certainly something for you. It’s like a circus mashed up with an amusement park all rolled into a Ferris wheel. I bet after having a look at this clip, you will reevaluate your opinion that everything fun needs electricity. I am sure the passengers on this Ferris wheel are even more excited to ride on this particular Ferris wheel than an electrical one. What do you say? Up for a ride?

Human Powered Ferris Wheel For Daredevils


Via: [Karthik Janakiraman]