Is Your Job Killing You? [Infographic]

Do you feel like you have a stressful job? Are you considering finding a less stressful job just to save a little bit of energy until you get old? No wonder, the world is filled with jobs that are soon about to tip you over the edge of sanity. Picking the one that will have you chillaxing each and every day is not only hard, but it apparently takes some education and dedication until you reach the position you want. I am sure we all know this by now, but it is actually how the world works. If you choose to cheat on your education, I guess you will just have to settle with the job pool available to you until you make the decision to further develop yourself.

However, if you are serious about actually finding a new job, and if you are dedicated enough to do what it takes to get there, you might need a little guidance so you don’t fall into the same pattern again. With the same stress as your previous job, a new position can easily become boring and even unbearable. A fresh infographic provided by Human Resources MBA could possibly be exactly what you need. It will guide you through the jobs that will probably make your lifetime a heck of a lot shorter than you actually intended and expected it to be, and also the ones that will be good for you.

There is one thing I would like to correct in this infographic, and that is the assumption that a programmer and a technician are some of the most relaxing jobs out there. I can certainly vouch for the fact that if you want to become a full time programmer or technician, you’re in for a challenge, as far as stress goes. I guess it depends on whether you have a lot of bugs in your code (due to bad programming of course), or if your gear is just not configured correctly as default. These factors can definitely add a whole backpack of stress to your daily chores. But, I have a little secret for you and that is if you start whining about it, you can be sure the stress will increase. Think positive and everything will be just fine.

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Via: [Daily Infographic]