Lady Gaga Fashion: Wear The Baconized Tie And Get The Stares!

Alright, there is no arguing that Lady Gaga is out to make an impression, whatever impression possible really. She’s one of the few female artists that actually “gets” viral and social media. I mean, the woman is all about making headlines, and she will most likely go to any extent to make them as radical and odd as possible. She’d probably enjoy the fact that it’s compared to (and copied) what Michael Jackson did during the 80’s and so forth. It’s a remarkable way of propelling your career into super stardom. There has to be some substance to the artist as well and so far everything has been en route for miss Lady Gaga and her scheme to take over the world.

Wearing meat is obviously a statement of its own, and it is most likely to make every animal lover out there angry, and there are a lot of them. However, if you’re an incurable fan that wants to mimic the somewhat outrageous behavior of Lady Gaga, then rescue is here. You can now, in a more subtle way, dress up in meat as well. Sort of…

With the Bacon Tie you will most likely get the stares that you crave and want. Put it on for the board meeting and the topic of discussion will most likely not be the agenda at hand but rather the realistic look that your tie expresses. Of course, it’s the company Perpetual Kid that brings us this baconized awesomeness and does so for the price of $17.99. Get yours, eat yours and do it right!