Lamzac Hangout Is The Best Beach Accessory In Existence

I come fresh from a sunbathing session on the porch and hit up the Internet for inspiration. Summer is in full bloom, and there is always room for some summer gear to haul down to the beach, right? What I found is utterly fantastic! I found the Lamzac Hangout, an inflatable beach sofa that takes just a couple of seconds to get ready for your chillout session. What can be better than a couch on the beach? If you ask me, nothing!

The Lamzac Hangout is a nylon sofa that you just open up and catch the air in, close it and fold the open end so that the air is trapped inside. You’re done! Time to chill! It’s that easy, and once you have it inflated, you can just squeeze yourself on top of it and let the people around you get jealous out of their ears.

It measures 6.5 x 3 feet, and it can carry loads up to 44lbs. It comes in 7 different colors (red, light blue, black, brown, pink, green and purple) and fits in a neat little carry bag when collapsed.

It is, of course, Fatboy, the masters of chilling, that is the creator/marketer of this new concept. We are pretty sure this little thing is going to be the new big thing this summer (2016), and you can already purchase one over at Fatboy’s dedicated Lamzac Hangout website. If you want to chill like a pro, then this is something you can not live without. Why not pick up two so that you can bring a friend with you and be the king/queen of hospitality.

You can get one (light blue) for just $59.99 over at Amazon, which is a reduced price from the $70.00 it used to cost. If you want to choose one of the other colors you can just purchase one off of Fatboy’s Lamzac Hangout page for $70.00 instead. It’s well worth the money, and you will see that once you chill in it for the first time.

Lamzac Hangout – Chilling Like A Pro

Lamzac Hangout Inflatable Sofa

Lamzac Hangout Inflatable Sofa

Lamzac Hangout Inflatable Sofa