Main Tips On How To Sell Yourself In Your Resume

Many HR specialists teach us that if we what to find an excellent job as fast and profitably as possible, we should learn to «sell» ourselves. But what exactly does the employer want to buy? And how to make him/her buy YOU, especially when the competition in your sphere is high?

Actually, a resume is nothing but a commercial offer for employers. If it contains information that the company is ready to «buy», you will receive an invitation to an interview. Today, we’ll speak about the best «selling» tips in the resume, which draw the attention of the HR teams and present you from the most advantageous sides.

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Thoroughly Look Through The Vacancy And Answer To Its Questions

The basic principle of hiring at the stage of resume selection is: «A resume must suit the requirements of the job description by 100%. An HR specialist has a specific task: he/she should select potential candidates according to specific criteria and requirements that are included in the vacancy profile. Consequently, many job seekers make a huge mistake – their resumes do not answer all questions of the description or give information in a wrong way.

Unfortunately, you cannot see a full job description, as the whole information is open only to HR employees. But the part you see in the published vacancy provides a summary of the main purpose and content of the position, including:

  • the minimum level and sphere of education;
  • the key functions and responsibilities of the position;
  • the most important specific knowledge and skills that are required;
  • the working experience.

That’s why the information in the vacancy is so crucial for an applicant. So, you should start your resume from the thorough study of the description and give as detailed and close answers as possible.

Add Keywords To Your Resume

It may be surprising, but your resume has two readers – they’re an HR manager and a robot. Most companies use automatic scanners to view and select resumes before they come to the recruiters. Robots apply certain algorithms based on keywords search. Thus, your work on the resume should include two tasks, i.e., describing yourself to a person and optimizing your text for a bot.

Keywords significantly increase the likelihood that your resume will be selected from the piles of others. So, the keys should be added to the text in random order. Examples of such words are B2B sales, auditor, marketing, direct investment, management, etc.

To find out which keywords will attract the attention of the bot and make it send your resume to an HR specialist, you should take a closer look at the vacancy description. The title of the vacancy, requirements, and working experience are the very keywords the robot is looking for.

Captivate Attention

Even if your resume suited all vacancy requirements and passed the robotic filtration, it doesn’t mean that you will get the job. Remember that you are not the only applicant, and right now, you have to compete with dozens or even hundreds of other employees like you. As you see, sometimes, experience and education are not enough.

If you want your resume to be read, it should attract and stand out from others. Try to rethink your competences and present them from a new fresh angle. Make employers want to meet such an extraordinary person live.

However, don’t go crazy and find a middle ground. For example, a resume in verse may scare away the hirer. Please, mind that the main aim of non-standard representation of yourself is not shocking of HR departments but revealing of your ingenious way of thinking and sharp mind.

Try To Use Reframing

Reframing technology can help you a lot. Reframing in resumes means telling about yourself looking through a new prism. Thus, you change your professional image but takes into account the requirements contained in the job description.

Reframing resume convince potential employers that you are the candidate they are looking for. Search for the examples of attention-grabbing reframing resumes on the blogs and the job search sites, as FarFarJob. They give useful and proven advice.

However, you must not treat attention to attracting and reframing as some kind of cheating on the hirer. If you provide obviously false information in the resume, an experienced HR specialist will reveal it at the first stage of the interview.

Ask For Professional Help

If, after having followed all advice and tips, you see that your resume doesn’t «sell» you, don’t be afraid to contact the experts. Professional Ready Resume services will help you overcome difficulties in composing a right «selling» resume or write it for you.

Every day, HR managers look through dozens of candidates. That’s why they know everything about excellent and wrong resumes. Experts can ask the right questions and find the missing information. Together you’ll create a resume that will distinguish you from other applicants in the labor market.


Let’s summarize all the above mentioned:

  • an adequately written resume should be brief yet informative;
  • read the vacancy description with maximum attention and form your resume taking into account all employer’s requirements on education, competences, experience, etc.;
  • add keywords to your resume to increase the chances of passing robot algorithms of selection;
  • be creative and non-standard but not freaky;
  • apply modern approaches like reframing;
  • don’t be afraid to look for examples of successful resumes and experts’ advice on the Internet;
  • also don’t be afraid to ask for professional help of resume writing services and HR experts;
  • never lie in your resume, as HR specialists will find in out anyway. Apart from getting into an awkward situation, you’re risking your professional reputation.

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