Men vs. Women: Online Shopping Trends May Surprise You

We all know the popular stereotype that women shop way more than men. Personally, that is something I can’t relate to since I really, really don’t like shopping; however, almost all my girl friends love it, so there must be some appeal there.

As it turns out, times are changing, and so are the trends. Now that mobile technology is advancing at lightening speed, and online shopping is more popular than ever, men are taking the lead in this traditionally female dominated activity. To me, online shopping is easier, more reliable, and much more convenient than offline shopping. They aren’t even in the same hemisphere in my mind.

My mother’s generation still has concerns about the safety of typing a debit card number into the computer, but I think people who are my generation and younger know what safeguards to take, and we shop online with confidence. Perhaps instead of comparing men and women when it comes to online shopping, we should compare online vs. offline shopping. That would be way more interesting. When was the last time you drove to a mall to shop? I’ve taught a few classes at the Apple Store in the mall here, but as far as shopping at the mall, I can’t even remember the last time I did it. #justsayin

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Via: [Daily Infographic] Header Image Credit: [CEO World]