Now You Can Store Your LEGO In A LEGO Block!

The LEGO theme here on Bit Rebels is amazingly apparent and alive. We write about LEGO pretty much every chance we get. Why? Because we can and because we love it just like half the world does as well. There’s something about those blocks that make us all wanna become architects and engineers. LEGO is such a versatile toy, and it will speak to anyone that has had the opportunity to play with it for just a brief period of time. It’s also heavily addicting, which is proven by the fact that we have grown men and women that still collect, build and marvel over those heavenly shiny pieces of plastic.

However, if you have a lot where should you storage them and how? Thanks to the A Place For Everything” store, you can now store your LEGO in a LEGO box or container. Yeah, even in a giant LEGO head. It’s that awesome. For just £26, you will be able to stuff your box full of LEGO blocks or anything else that you might not want your friends and loved ones to touch while you’re not around. Or, maybe just use them to tidy up your place a little bit.

One day when I get a bit more time on my hands, I am totally going to geek out on LEGO and build myself a world of wonder. Whatever that means, right? When I come to think about it, why hasn’t anyone built a LEGO tree house already? That seems like the most awesome and epic build of all time. And why cut down tress to make houses for birds to live in? That sounds like the stupidest thing ever. Build a birdhouse out of LEGO instead and let it last forever. See, LEGO seems to be the solution to everything!