The Most Photographed Countries In The World [Infographic]

If you are using Instagram, Flickr or any other popular photo-sharing service you know people are taking an unimaginable amount of photos every day. It is estimated that over 1.1 trillion photos will be taken during 2016. Fast forward to 2017 and the number is estimated to be around 1.2 trillion. It’s also estimated that over one million photos per day are selfies. That adds up to 365 million selfies per year! It sure looks like we truly enjoy being photographed. – These statistics might not surprise a lot of people, however, let’s turn it up a notch and see if we can’t find out which country is the most photographed in the world.

The results may come as surprise considering the fact that you may think that population might have something to do with it. Well, it hasn’t! As a matter of fact, research conducted by Jet2 shows that it varies depending on what photo-sharing service you analyze. If you thought that Instagram was the only popular photo-sharing service available online you are massively mistaken. Jet2 actually divided the results into groups with each photo-sharing service presenting their own data. The data was then used to create an infographic called “The Most Photographed Countries In The World”. This is the infographic that we are going to use when searching for the most photographed country in the world.

When you summarize the results the winner is the United Stated of America. However, when you look at the photo-sharing service’s individual data a whole different image is revealed. It’s easy to think that the US might dominate the so popular photo-sharing service Instagram, however, we couldn’t be more wrong. [pullquote]Statistics show that the most photographed country on Instagram is actually…[/pullquote]Italy with Japan in second place which is closely followed by the US.

However, when having a look at Flickr we find a different king of the throne. The most photographed country on Flickr is actually the United Kingdom. It’s an interesting result considering the UK does not show up until the seventh place on the Instagram list. Continuing down the infographic and we’ll find a lot of interesting statistics. For example, Spain is all over the place on the different photo-sharing services most photographed countries. So much that it’s continually migrating a whopping 19 places between the photo-sharing services.

When taking into account that there are over 1.1 trillion photos taken in 2016 and that the US is the most photographed country in the world, one can only conclude that there are an insane amount of photos taken in the US. This is, of course, not the only thing you can decipher from this infographic.

People usually take more photos during their travels which means that if you are looking for your next travel destination then this infographic is perfect for you. The most photographed countries in the world should most likely be the countries that people enjoy traveling to the most. Sure, there is a percentage of false positives when looking at it this way, however, it’s definitely interesting.

Have a look at the infographic below and see if you can’t find your country. If you take enough photos you can definitely affect the position. Well, it’s going to take a lot of photos to do that, however, the opportunity is definitely there.

How many photos do you take on average when you travel? Which country is your favorite travel destination? How many of the available photo-sharing services do you use? Let us know in the comment section below. We here at Bit Rebels think that this is incredibly interesting and would love to hear what you think and, of course, also your travel stories.

Top Most Photographed Countries In The World

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Most Photographed Countries World Infographic

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