Power Nap Styles & How They Affect You [Infographic]

The fast pace of our daily lives has increased even more in the past few years, and I guess that is the way it will continue. Sleep has become a luxury, and some people try their very best to keep up without sleeping very much. With social media becoming more influential in the world, people try to stay on as many of the top social networks as they can. It’s an exhausting job, and staying in touch with everyone is simply impossible. So where will it all end? Are we all going to have health problems sooner or later from working too hard to keep up with new technology and the online community? It might not have to be that way. This is where the power nap comes to our rescue in an epic way.

I am sure some people think there is only one type of power nap, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are actually several different styles of naps that have been developed and perfected throughout the years. The most common one, and the one most people are aware of, is of course the original power nap. It lasts for 20 minutes and supposedly makes you super energized without your having to go into a deep sleep, which will actually drain your energy if you wake up in the middle of it.

Sleep is such an interesting thing. Research has shown that just taking a 60 minute nap will improve alertness for up to 10 hours. That is a huge game changer right there. NASA even conducted their own research when it comes to sleep. They suggest that a mere 26-minute sleep enhances performance by 34% and overall alertness by 54%. Those are definitely some interesting effects after just a few minutes of sleep.

In a fresh infographic called Napping (published by visual.ly), we get to delve into some mind-blowing research about how you can increase your alertness and performance by just utilizing different kinds of power naps throughout your day. Great minds like Einstein and Edison put these power naps to good use while they were working. Einstein in particular had a peculiar approach to the whole thing.

He actually sat in his favorite armchair and while holding a pencil in his hand, he purposely napped. Why the pencil? Well, when the pencil hit the ground after Einstein fell asleep, he woke up, which prevented him from falling into a deep sleep. Genius minds come up with the most interesting solutions sometimes.

Have a look at this infographic and see if you can utilize some of these naps in order to get a little bit more focused and efficient throughout your day. It won’t take too much time out of your day. Besides, the benefits of a power nap should totally make up for any lost time. Maybe you are already a frequent power napper and have already perfected the art. If you have, please don’t hesitate to share your approach with us and everyone who reads this. It’s definitely an interesting subject.

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