Shoe Designs Inspired by Blow Up Dolls & Bubble Gum

I’ve probably written dozens of articles about shoes. I find that my favorite ones are always the unique interesting shoes that you’d never really wear in real life. They are the ones that tip the balance between footwear and art. Those are the best to me. Those are the shoes that I would like to put on a shelf in my office for creative inspiration.

If you would like to see a small sampling of what I’m talking about, check out these shoes made out of circuit boards, these origami shoes or even these “I’ll kick your ass if you get in my way” shoes. I guess this article with 13 pairs of shoes you’d never wear in public pretty much sums it up. Today I’m featuring another designer’s shoe creations to inspire you. These are fabulous to me, in an artistic kind of way. Again, I don’t think I would wear these in real life, but wow, they would go well on my imaginary shelf full of unusual shoes in my office.

Israeli designer Kobi Levi created this collection inspired by everything from stepping on a piece of gum (my favorite shoe below), to a blow up doll (the pink shoe), to peeling a banana. He says, “The shoe is my canvas.” I know what you are talking about Kobi, and I love your unique style! From what I can find, these shoes are not for sale; however, I’m sure you can check out Kobi’s blog for possible updates about that.

[Image Credit: Design Boom]