Shop Safely & Securely This Holiday Season [Infographic]

As the holiday season rolls around, shoppers and retailers alike are bracing themselves for Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness. More than $12.2 billion was spent on Black Friday 2011, and online sales hit $2.83 billion Christmas week of that year, up 16% from 2010. Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping in 2012 promise to see the same kind of high numbers as well.

In the midst of Black Friday 2011 shopping, brawls and shootings broke out all over the United States. The availability of merchandise and the large crowds make for ideal opportunities for thieves. Leaving the credit card at home could minimize damage if your wallet is stolen (and keep you from breaking your budget). If you’re not comfortable with carrying cash, Green Dot Reloadable Visa Cards provide another alternative.

Doorbuster-induced frenzies aren’t the only things shoppers should be wary of – online shopping opens up the door for identity theft and credit card fraud also. While you’re trying to score the perfect deal on that flat screen television or digital camera, your own safety must be your first priority. As you’re collecting coupon codes for Cyber Monday, be sure to update your anti-virus software to battle malware and Trojan horses that target your sensitive information.

It may be difficult for the tech-savvy to believe, but not everyone knows the difference between an HTTP and HTTPS domain. This is essentially the difference between broadcasting your credit card number and personal information or not – which would make it easier for thieves to access. When using an HTTPS domain, you are providing that information in a secure environment. Taking note of the type of site you’re shopping on can make all the difference in your online safety.

When shopping in person, being aware of your surroundings is important in keeping your purchases – and yourself – safe from theft and harm. For more tips, check out this infographic called Holiday Shopping Safety for this holiday season. A little knowledge can go a long way protecting you, not just during the holiday season, but always.

Shop Safely & Securely This Holiday Season


Via: [Green Dot]