Shot In The Pint: A Beer And A Shot At The Same Time…

How many times have you been told that mixing beer and liquor is not the best of ideas? Still we do it (or rather, some do). I don’t consider myself much of a drinker, and it’s usually weeks in between even having a beer. I guess it has never really caught my fancy, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking this is the most stupitastic idea ever. Since we have already covered the stupidity in mixing beer with with liquor, why not cover the awesomeness of it as well? The fact that you drink a beer in a glass, and then put it away just to get a shot glass, is totally insane.

The Shot In A Pint is your savior if you’re after the mix-a-lot headache the day after. For just $19.95 (available at Home Wet Bar) a pair, you can have your beer, drink it and then have your glass and a shot as well. I KNOW! It’s too good to be true, right? Just don’t come to me asking for an aspirin afterwards. If you decide to mix it up then you have to walk the walk afterwards. Simple as that.

This glass has to be the ultimate party starter. Imagine handing out these when your guests start dropping by. Put the booze on the table and let them choose their own headache. Just know that the morning after, your head won’t be the only thing hurting. The place will be as slippery and soaked in booze as your nearest indoor swimming pool. #JustSaying