Should You Write a New Year’s Resolution?

With 2009 coming to a close and we welcome the new year soon.  One asks the question, should I write a New Year’s resolution? For some people I know, writing one has become a tradition for them.  Lose Weight, Drink less alcohol, stop smoking, etc.  But did you notice that most of the time, one tends to repeat the resolution when the next year comes.  I have actually stopped writing resolutions a long time ago.

Instead of writing resolutions, why not try to do activities that you have missed doing through out the year and do it before the new year begins.  I can guarantee you that it will prep you up and make you feel good and get you ready for the coming year ahead.

1.  Call Your Nearest and Dearest – If your mom, dad, siblings or friends live far from you.  Pick up the phone and call them, nothing will perk up your day knowing you made them smile and feel loved.  My aunts and uncles who live abroad loves hearing from us.  Its this time of the year when I can stay home and just call friends and family members living far away.

2.  Bond with The Family – I take every opportunity to bond with my mom, brother and sister during the Holiday break.  We watch movies together, eat out as much as we can or just look at family albums and swap stories.

3.  Have a Make Over – It does not have to be a drastic one, it can be a simple hair cut, color.  You don’t even have to go on a diet.  People tend to think that you need to be super slim to wear the stuff you want to, buy something flattering, something that would accentuate your best asset.  Buy Make Up and try the newest trend, again, it does not have to be an expensive make over.  Something simple and at the end make you feel new and special.

4. Read a Book – The Holidays is the best time for you to get that favorite book out and read it and actually finish it.

5.  Start that Passion –  Whether it be blogging, designing, cooking, just start it and see where it takes you.  Last year, I started my blog, dedicated some real time to what I love doing, I also started designing again.  I am so grateful and fulfilled that I did.  Take that leap of faith and do whatever is necessary to make your dream come alive.  Ask friends for advise and help.  Do some research, read on the  subject. Holiday breaks maybe the only chance for you to explore.

If writing New Year’s resolution is your cup of tea, then go ahead, to each his own, but the suggested activities above are just suggestions that I hope can help you feel good and rejuvinated for the coming year ahead.

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Included this funny video a Parody of New Year’s resolution.