Simple Tips To Prevent Pests From Destroying Your Garden

While household pests can be an absolute nuisance even for the best of us, outdoor pests can be just as pesky and destructive. Although we tend to worry more about pests infesting our homes, raising health concerns, and causing costly property damage, outdoor pests can destroy your garden and gradually make their way into your home as well.

And whether you are devoting your time towards keeping your garden lavish and thriving with plant life, or you’re simply hoping to keep your minimalist yard free of pests, there are a few simple ways to keep outdoor pests at bay.

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Use Pest Control Services

Pest control services are the most effective way to get rid of indoor and outdoor pests. Whether you are wondering how to get rid of possums under the house or you’re increasingly annoyed with raccoons digging in your trash, pest control services will mitigate the problem and install prevention measures to ensure these pests don’t return.

The right pest control service will use humane measures to remove wildlife pests, as killing them isn’t an environmentally friendly approach. Once the pests have been safely and humanely removed, the service will advise prevention measures.

Plant Repellent Scents

It’s somewhat easier to keep common household pests, such as rats, mice, and roaches, out of your home. However, there are plants out there that can aid your cause and repel lawn pests safely from your garden.

These plant repellents include petunias, basil, marigolds, and various others. Planting these in your yard will keep bugs and other outdoor pests at bay while also protecting the rest of your outdoor vegetation. They’ll also add variance and vibrance to your garden.

Don’t Leave Food Sources Out

If you leave your garbage bins outside, you’re welcoming pests to your home by offering them a source of food. Raccoons are infamous for creating a mess in the trash, and they’ll keep coming back as long as you keep leaving your trash out. So, instead, consider keeping your trash in your lock-up garage or find a way to seal your garbage bins effectively.

Other common food sources that should not be left out include pet food. Ensure your pets are fed indoors or remove and empty the feeding bowls directly after meals.

Remove Edible Plants from Your Garden

Once again, pests will be rife with a food source, and if you have any edible plants flourishing in your yard, pests will hang around indefinitely. So, if you have strawberries or other fruits growing outside, you should either remove them or find a way to seal them off. Installing a small greenhouse is a great way to protect your edible plants from pests. However, you will need to be sure that wildlife pests can’t get in.

Keeping outdoor pests at bay can be a bit of a pesky challenge. However, you must be sure never to harm wildlife pests, as they share the planet with us and are simply seeking out means of survival. With that said, the tips mentioned above are often enough to keep your garden free of pests.

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