This Skyscraper Mountaintop Mansion Is The Getaway You Dream About

Are you dying for a vacation but cannot afford to take even a day off? Why not bring a mountain retreat to your home instead? A resident of a skyscraper in China did just that! In 2010, satellite images revealed to the world that nestled among the skyscrapers of Beijing was a building whose rooftop resembled a hill, with rocks, vegetation, and all the works. On digging further, it was revealed that the other residents of the skyscraper had been suspecting some unusual activity on the roof. They had been observing long lift wait times and cracks and leaks since quite some time. The presence of a mini hill station, or even a skyscraper mountaintop where a penthouse should be would definitely explain all of this!

Thanks to a curious drone operator, some clear images of the penthouse were captured, what they exposed was beyond belief. [pullquote]Not only was the rooftop landscaped to resemble a hill, it also housed a multitude of amenities such as a swimming pool and, lo and behold, a vineyard![/pullquote] This two-storeyed rooftop retreat could put many spas and hotels to shame. It is baffling how the owner of the penthouse could create this wonderland without being caught red-handed, or rock-handed in this case. Complaints had been lodged in the past regarding weird objects being hoisted up to the roof but this astounding drone footage was the final nail in the coffin.

The authorities instructed the owner of this mini hill resort to take down the stunning structure within 15 days. A nearly impossible task considering the fact that it took about 6 years to construct it. It is evident that a lot of thought and money had gone into building this masterpiece, with metallic structures holding the boulders in place so that they wouldn’t roll down the building and crush the poor passersby! This amazing rooftop lair might have been an engineering marvel but it was illegal nevertheless. Although, perhaps if the locals were offered a tour of the place before it was demolished, it would have been a good compensation for their suffering. Maybe they would have demanded the retention of this skyscraper mountaintop mansion as it would be the perfect weekend getaway!

Unfortunately, the officials were not so creative and workers were spotted on the rooftop within a few days, taking down this piece of art, one rock at a time. As expected, this was an arduous activity and it is rumored that the demolition team is still working on removing the remnants of the structure. The biggest question still remains, how did the mysterious owner manage to pull this stunt? Another question is why he decided to break the law in the plain sight of the world? Perhaps he was too overworked at his job and had to take desperate measures to get some relaxation.

Maybe this is a red flag for organizations around the world to offer more travel benefits to their employees, or else they will transform their houses into their favorite holiday destinations. We wonder if anyone has built a beach on their roof after being inspired by this skyscraper mountaintop mansion. We need to get our drones out and search for some waves on the roofs of skyscrapers! – Want more weird homes and builds? Check these homes out!

This Skyscraper Mountaintop Mansion Took 6 Years To Build

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