Small Living: The Ballerina Shower And Bathtub

To accommodate more people in our limited space on earth, we’re shooting for smaller and smaller houses and living quarters. Lately we have even seen small pod cities grow into large communities around the world. Only time will reveal if this is good or not. However, it’s a necessary thing and until we find other solutions, designers have started to create more efficient and portable designs to fit in these small quarters. Nothing can be too small as long as long as it’s doing the same thing as we are used to.

Designer Gustaw Lange has come up with a really interesting concept for a bathtub/shower that could possibly be one of the future’s big hits when people design their own house or living space. It’s quite unique and makes for a perfect space saver, and the nice design doesn’t make it unlikable either.

The name “Ballerine” bathtub makes it clear where the design is originally taken from. Of course, it’s a ballerina doing one of her spins. It’s exactly what the shower does as well. You drag the end of it upwards and it will spiral itself around you and reveal the shower head at the top. The bathtub stays as a cup where the water will run down. I like the lines of it, and it would fit perfectly into a house where design is at the center of things. Now all I have to do is make sure there are no windows in the bathroom…