Spots Fishing Enthusiasts Should Visit For The Ultimate Catch

While the timeless debate on whether fly fishing is superior to spin and vice versa is still in full swing, the great news is there are plenty of destinations where every type of angler can fulfill his boldest dreams.

Even though these places are scattered across the world and as diverse as the target species, they have a common trait – all of them are on the wish lists of fishermen that are worth their salt. If you are looking for a real game-changer able to take your experience to the next level, check out our list of spots fishing enthusiasts should visit for the ultimate catch.

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Los Roques, Venezuela

Heaven on earth – is that even possible? Well, the archipelago of Los Roques surrounded by turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea is very close to this description. Just like all coveted places, Los Roques is pretty hard to reach located nearly 100 miles offshore, but everyone who has been there can confirm that the trip is worth a shot.

Renowned for their isolated, white-sand beaches, these gorgeous islands are an ideal place for inshore fishing, featuring a wide variety of game fish including Snook, Tarpon, Bonefish, and Permit – all growing to champion sizes.

Destin, Florida

Crowned with the title of the “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village”, Destin is home to some of the best fishing grounds for the Gulf of Mexico. Passionate anglers from around the world flock to this wondrous town located in northwest Florida because in Destin they can count on a true fishing bounty: grouper, snapper, cobia, redfish, amberjack, triggerfish, blackfin tuna, and even sharks.

Today, the place boasts more charter boats than anywhere else in FL, offering a unique experience tailored to the needs and preferences of every fishing enthusiast. The more time you spend out and the more ground you cover, the more species you will catch. Good luck!

Prince Edward Island, Canada

If you are one of those who dream of landing a Bluefin Tuna, consider visiting Prince Edward Island – in the summer, of course. Starting from August and all the way to October, the cold waters surrounding the island are chock-full of huge Bluefin, the great bulk of them weigh over 800 pounds.

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Fascinating in many ways, Hawaii is a paradise in every sense of this word. When it comes to Kailua-Kona, it is arguably the best spot to be for everyone who is looking for a big game. Blue and Striped Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, and Short-billed Spearfish are present there all year-round, which means that if you dream of spending winter in short sleeves, Kona is a destination for you.

Cairns, Australia

The North Queensland coast has numerous advantages and one of them is easy access to the tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Cairns is famous worldwide for the biggest sizes of Black Marlin out there as fish well over 1,000 pounds are caught there on a regular basis. Other prize species in the Cairns area include Mangrove Jack, Coral Trout, Flathead, Sooty Grunter, Barracuda, Snapper, and Red Emperor.

Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

Have you heard of Kenai King Salmon? Of course, you have –  those “monsters” know how to make headlines! Fly anglers and freshwater buffs can’t find a better place to pay a visit than Kenai Peninsula, that is why a lot of fishers from all parts of the globe head there every summer.

Truth to be said, Alaska fishing is for seasoned pros as all those hefty trophies besides power in the arms also require a solid experience. If you feel that you are ready to face the king of kings, make Kenai your next destination.

Amazon River, Brazil

More akin to an extreme sport, a journey in a riverboat into the heart of Brazil is not for the fainthearted. However, the bravest of the brave will be generously rewarded by the mysterious Amazon. The largest in the world, it is also one of the least explored rivers but avid anglers know that it hides impressive game fish: Peacock Bass, Piranha, Payara, Piraiba, and other incredible species that the majority of fishers have never seen in their life.

The world is full of wondrous fishing destinations and, of course, no wish list can accommodate them all. As for our bucket roster, we’ve tried to introduce the best places for anglers of different styles and preferences. Some spots can brag of a wide variety of species while others are superior in a single species – just choose your perfect fit and get ready for your ultimate catch!

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