Summering 2000 | What will we remember?

As 2010 is rapidly approaching I thought we would summon up what the decade has given us and what we will remember when we go in to the new decade of exciting and new things. Just like the 80’s gave us Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, neon colored clothes and first generation personal computers and gaming consoles I am sure the decade of 2000 gave us something. Right?

I would like to summon you all to help us here at Bit Rebels to summering up what has been given to us. What has been the edges of a spiky and interesting decade to say the least. Broadband, iPhone, YouTube etc. It has all impacted our way of living and there is no going back so we might as well get used to it and smile at the blunders and mistakes made.

Only you know what has impacted you the most. Only you know what was life altering for. Was it the new features of Photoshop CS3? Was it the infinitely hyped upgrade of the iPhone 3G to 3Gs? Or, was it the way Facebook sealed their doom with a new interface upgrade that majorly created the highest amount of Internet clout ever shared?

Only you know. Please help us summering up the coolest, weirdest, geekiest, awesomest and killingest things, wares, gadgets and life altering ways the world has forever changed.

It’s now up to you. What say you?