Take A Rare Look At The Inside Of A Volcano

Do you ever watch extreme weather on television and wonder what posses those reporters to stand in the middle of, for example, a hurricane with a microphone?

I’ve watched them announce to everyone how important it is to evacuate, yet they stand there, soaking wet, in harms way. Why is that? Then, there are the tornado chasers. I don’t understand them either. Are they just asking to get sucked up into a funnel cloud?

This video, although insanely impressive, is similar. As if it wasn’t mind blowing enough to get the chance to see the inside of a volcano, there is a dude standing right there with the lava popping up right behind him. Wth? According to YouTube, he is there to add “drama and perspective.” Hmm… does he really think that suit will help him if he gets splashed with hot smoldering volcano lava? I don’t know about that.

This very rare footage was just filmed last month by a Volcanologist from New Zealand named Geoff Mackley. This is Marum volcano on Ambrym Island. This is absolutely incredible to watch. Like Kramer on Seinfeld says, “Mother nature is a mad scientist!

[via dvice]