How To Take Better Pictures On Your Holiday [Infographic]

Snapping a picture is easy they say, and that might very well be true. However, taking good pictures that will blow people’s minds when they see it is an art form that few people master. A quick look at Instagram and you will find a range of quality that is sometimes hard to comprehend. Some people share professional photos while some people seem to struggle with the whole idea of putting their life online at all. No matter how good you are, the infographic that we are going to present to you today will help you take better pictures by following a few simple steps.

Taking better pictures really comes down to 7 factors and how you execute them. You might be thinking -“Oh lord!”, but not to worry. These factors are easy to learn and once you have them down your photo album (if we can call our digital photo collections that anymore) will look several times better and if you are looking to get more followers on Instagram, these simple adjustments will allow you to grow your following more rapidly.

To aid us in the task of learning how to take better pictures we will study an infographic called “How To Take Better Photographs” created by (commissioned by Sykes). It’s a straightforward infographic which will take no longer than 5 minutes to read through.

One of the most important things to think about when you take photos is that the subject you are taking a picture of should almost always face the light source. If you are taking a photo where the dominating light source is directly behind the subject you are taking a photo of you will end up with a picture that looks more like a silhouette than anything else. In order to get the best result, always have your subject face the light source. However, be aware not to stand in front of the light source yourself or you will cast a shadow on your subject, which will not exactly make for a good picture. This is just one of the 7 factors that will allow you to take better pictures, especially on your holiday.

Do you have any other tips apart from the ones mentioned in this infographic? Please let us know in the comment section below so that other people can become better at taking photos as well. Also, let us know what camera you are using and what your experience is with it. This will help people find the best camera for them without having to go through the painful and most likely costly endeavor of trying out multiple cameras before they find the ultimate one for them.

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