The Biggest Fattest Monkey You’ve Ever Seen!

What would you do if you had several thousand extra pairs of flip-flops lying around? You’d make a big ‘ol fat monkey sculpture with them, right? Look closely at the pictures below. Now do you see what I mean?

Who the heck thinks of this stuff anyway? Well, in this case, it was an artist named Florentijn Hofman along with a bunch of student helpers in Brazil. It’s almost summertime there, so tis the season for flip-flops. Called “Fat Monkey,” this installation was created for Pixelshow 2010. It is currently assembled in a park in Sao Paulo. I’m sure it is fun for the walkers and joggers to see this as they pass by.

I love all the bright colors in this sculpture. However, one of the first questions I had when I saw this was, “Why flip-flops?” According to Illusion 360, Florentijn chose flip-flops “as an iconic symbol of the country, and also to express the flexibility of the people who live and adapt to an extremely large city.” I think this fat monkey is a real cutie, and I wish I could check him out in person. When it’s time for this outdoor installation to be disassembled, the flip-flops will be distributed for people to wear. Dang, I want a piece of the monkey! Lol